AFC: Top 10 Unrestricted Free Agents

Chris YoungCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2010

For those who are confused on what a UFA is, here ya go, Unrestricted Free Agent; a player who has completed four or more consecutive seasons and whose contract has expired. These players, generally speaking, are free to entertain offers from all other teams and to decide with whom to sign a new contract.

These players are not in any specific order. I’ll give you a rundown of the player and where they could possibly go.

Terrell Owens will be 36 this year, but physical conditioning has never been his problem. His main problem is getting a quarterback that will throw him the ball. He has the possibility of going to Cincinnati. Chad Ochocinco said so himself. Owens said he would even change his name to Ocho Uno if he signed with the Bengals.

Chester Pitts hasn’t missed a game during his seven year career. Pitts is a bull and will find himself sitting on a big contract soon. I would imagine Pitts would get resigned by Houston.

Kevin Mawae isn't expecting a contract anytime soon from the Titans. The Titans have signed guard Eugene Amano who is a natural center. It's not out of the question for the Titans to let Mawae hit the free-agent market. Question is, what team will land him? He is getting old but still playing very well. Look for him to seek a playoff team.

Justin Bannan's time with the Ravens is uncertain at this time. Bannan, to me, is highly underrated; he backed up Haloti Ngata and Kelly Gregg. Justin put up very good numbers registering 37 tackles and the year before that he put up 56 tackles and one sack. I would look for him to make a splash with a couple possible destinations such as Tampa Bay or Detroit.

Richard Seymour went to the Raiders in 2009. The Raiders gave up a first round pick to snatch him. Seymour is looking for a big contract and while they just signed kicker Sebastian Janikowski to a giant contract. So a long term deal or the franchise tag is really suspect in this case. I doubt they will give him what he wants, but they will settle somewhere in the middle. After giving away a first round pick, I wouldn't look for the Raiders to let him go.

Kyle Vanden Bosch believes he will hit the free agent market. During the Pro Bowl, Vanden Bosch said, "... that the lack of contact from the team insinuates that they have no plans for him moving forward." He should get a lot of offers. Very possible he could land in Detroit, where his ex defensive coach is in Detroit.

Keith Bulluck is in the same spot Kevin Mawae and Alge Crumpler are in. Negotiations haven’t been a major concern. Maybe the biggest issue with bringing Bulluck back is the torn ACL. That would be the first injury that would set him back in his 10 year career. I would look for Bulluck to test the free agent market. It’s possible he could land back in his home town, New York.

Gary Brackett is one of the center pieces of the Colts Defense. I would like to think the Colts will tag Brackett and try to work out a long term deal at some point down the road. Team president Bill Polian said, ''... Brackett is a top priority."

Dunta Robinson was tagged last year by Houston. If Houston was to do the same it would cost them 12 million. That’s a lot of money and it is to be believed that Robinson would like to test the market, but would most likely get tagged again. He would be a great addition for any team.

Leigh Bodden had a better year while in New England. In the past, the Patriots have the tendancy to sign and let go of good corners. The Patriots have contacted Bodden only once regarding a contract. A few teams looking to upgrade at corner would be the Eagles, Falcons, and Steelers. Bodden's best chance is to probabaly find a spot with the Ravens.

So that’s the run down of the ten best AFC UFA’s. A couple players which I didn’t mention (Wilfork and Hampton), cause the chance of the tag are very high.