A Look Into Present Day Pro Wrestling Tag Team

Colin LucasContributor IFebruary 17, 2010

Congrats Colin, you did it! You finally stopped being lazy and got prepared for University!!

Pro Wrestling nowadays seems to be on quite a low end. From the ratings, to talent being used and underused, to (what some believe) killing old wrestling promotions. Now anyone can look at how John Cena is always getting a title shot, or the last time someone could remember when Triple H, Randy Orton, or John Cena were not in a title match. I am not going to talk about that, my focus right now is on the Tag Team division.

It seems WWE has not care for Tag Teams anymore, but a good question is, "Did they ever care?" As I look through the title history for the WWE tag team titles, it seems that WWE might see the division as a joke. The formula for a WWE tag team: take two random guys who have the similar build, put the titles on them, lose the titles and then break up. Where are the dedicated teams at? I can't find them within WWE at least.

The Tag Team division is not the same as it was back in the 70s, but it looks as if WWE believes it is. Just take two guys against two other guys and let that be a tag team match. That isn't the case anymore. A lot of fans don't want to see that anymore. Back in the 80s, a team came along and changed the whole landscape of Tag Team wrestling, that team: The Rockers. Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty worked together as a team should: doing moves together, nsync, and were pretty much the first team to use the 5 second count after a tag. That type of tag team made Tag Team Wrestling INTERESTING!

WWE tends to play with the fans by giving them this type of tag team every once and a while, but the team ends up the same and breaks up. There is no team dedication anymore in WWE. We had Carlito and Primo and The Miz and John Morrison for a bit. Those two teams made it exciting to watch Tag Team wrestling again, but what happened? They both had to break up. Do you think Carlito and Primo would have minded to work together for a long period? No. Now WWE is back in this same old formula of grab to guys and put the title on them. I don't think any fan gives a damn about the Unified Tag Team Titles now. Look at the last four "teams" to hold the titles.

After Carlito and Primo, we see the team of Edge and Chris Jericho. The only connection between these two is they are Canadian. Would they of continued the exciting matches that Primo and Carlito were creating as a tag team? Probably not. We would have no team work moves or anything special come out of these to holding the Tag Titles. This title reign just seemed like Jericho and Edge just wanted another title count under their legacy. It seems the creative team at WWE had a brain fart and threw the titles on these guys and thanks to Edge getting injured, Jericho needed to find another partner.

Rumours went around the internet as the build up for who Jericho's new partner would be. And who was this great new partner WWE came up with? The almighty Big Show. This was more of a disappointment to me then when Hornswoggle was Vince McMahon's son. Big Show had no place in the Tag Team Division. There is a whole rosters of guys who Jericho could of worked with very well in the ring and they pick the Big Show. What does Big Show have to offer with the Tag team titles? Big Show isn't even that convincing as a singles champion let alone be teamed with one of the most talented wrestlers WWE has right now. It just seems WWE did not care about these titles anymore. I was getting excited with the tag teams before all of this and this just killed it for me. The worst was left to come.

And who was the next great team to hold these titles after Jeri-Show? The camera hogs themselves, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. When your main event is a brutal tag team match between DX and Jeri-Show and, your WWE Champion is opening the card, something is wrong. Yes, I know everyone was excited that Shawn and Hunter finally won a tag title together, but come on! There was no need for this! Hunter has built himself up in WWE so much that he could have a World Title win in an instant as can Shawn! Did they really need the tag titles and hog camera time EVEN more than they were? Their title reign was stupid, pointless, dull, and made me quite angry like the first DX reunion. Both these men do not need to team together anymore. Stay singles and no more waterdown DX crap.

And now the titles are on The Miz and The Big Show. I do not need to even write about this. Show holding this title again is just killing what value is left with these titles. WWE has just spit on every legit tag team to hold these titles with these past reigns and it just makes me sick.

Can we even classify the Tag Teams in WWE a division anymore? Look at their formula: Grab two guys, win titles, make a remixed theme for the new champions, lose titles, break up. There aren't any tag teams anymore in WWE and it doesn't surprise anyone. Tag Teams used to be quite entertaining but now, they cause a channel changing. As if people weren't changing the channel on WWE already.