JSF's Founder, Josh Bacott, in “Parade Magazine” Again…

JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst IFebruary 17, 2010

On this day, the world can collectively laugh (yes, again) at the plight of the good ole American sports blogger.

In this month’s issue, Parade Magazine is once again soliciting goons to disclose their yearly salary for the annual “What People Earn…” feature.

Frankly, we’re still baffled how our very own Mr. Bacott got fingered for the 2009 feature (since he, like 99% of all bloggers, has another ‘real’ job)…or why Parade Magazine deliberately placed him next to two high-grossing individuals two years in a row; on the cover, next to Alex Rodriguez ($34 million/year) in 2009….and right below Britney Spears ($2.21 million/year) in 2010.


Oh, that’s right; because “blogger” is still a funny word and its enjoyable to poke fun at our meager existence.  Damn, I almost forgot.

At this point, we’re pretty certain Parade has gotten more out of Bacott’s appearance than we have.

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