What Makes a Game a Sport?

Leonard KalfayanCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2008

As the July 4 Hot Dog Eating Championship approaches...the question again arises...when is a game a sport? Or, what makes a game a sport?

I say it is when there is uncommon physical (athletic) ability...or physical conditioning (non-eating)...or muscle tone required to play. 

Also, any game that uses a ball and which must be thrown (or shot), or kicked, or "struck" (club, racket, but not a pool cue) qualifies as a sport...but with certain exceptions.

Skill required? By itself, not enough to qualify as a sport.

So, any way you cut it, Hot Dog Eating IS NOT a sport.

How about Golf? Yes...but barely.

Bowling? No...but almost. 

Pool (Billiards)? No. 

Darts? No.

Poker? Of course not. 

Ping Pong? No. Table Tennis? Yes.

Shuffleboard? Are you kidding?

Badminton? OK...yes.

Video games? What do you think?

Get the idea? Questions?