2010 Fantasy Football Dynasty QB Rankings

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2010 Fantasy Football Dynasty QB Rankings


Dynasty and keeper leagues require a slightly different mindset than standard leagues. You’re playing for keeps, long term. That said, it’s important to consider how many players you actually get to keep each year when assessing a players value when it comes time to make a cut, or when draft day rolls around.

If you only keep a few players, trying to stack your line-up with the future Adrian Petersons and Peyton Mannings, will kill your team. Just ask the fools who took Darren Mcfadden in the second (or even first) round of many keeper leagues two seasons ago. Or those that jumped on Michael Crabtree way too early last year.

It’s okay to hang on to older established players over those who offer promise somewhere down the road. You want to win this season too, right?

The rankings below are based a combination of  long term potential combined with current day value for the 2010 season. The differences between the dynasty rankings and redraft (or standard) rankings are relatively minor. As an example, Brett Favre (assuming he doesn’t actually retire this year) ranks lower in a dynasty league. However, if you know for sure he has one more season left, that doesn’t mean his value isn’t greater than his rank. I’d take him over Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco as long as I have solid keeper depth elsewhere on my roster.

The key is balance.

The break between players at No. 7 denotes the prime cut-off for keeper picks. Unless you’re in a two QB league, or you keep a large number of players, only the first seven are solid keepers.



1 Aaron Rodgers GBP 26 Five years younger than Brees, and he runs too
2 Drew Brees NOS 31 No reason he shouldn’t be in the top two again on ‘10
3 Matt Schaub HOU 28 No running game, no Owen Daniels, no problem
4 Peyton Manning IND 33 Expect a slight drop off from ‘09
5 Philip Rivers SDG 28 He could end 2010 in the Top three
6 Tom Brady NEP 32 Expect a slight improvement in ‘10, or more…
7 Tony Romo DAL 29 Better than Brady and Rivers last season
8 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 28 Big Ben throwing the ball, and eluding tackles
9 Eli Manning NYG 29 Not flashy, but good young receivers mean points
10 Matt Ryan ATL 24 Rough sophomore year, but should rebound
11 Joe Flacco BAL 25 Needs weapons, but has the cannon
12 Alex Smith SFO 25 Averaged Two TDs a game as starter. Sleeper/keeper
13 Jay Cutler CHI 26 A rebound season is in store with right team moves
14 Brett Favre MIN 40 Will he or won’t he? One great year left if he plays
15 Donovan McNabb PHI 34 Not a 4,000 yard thrower, but still a solid option
16 Matt Cassell KCC 27 Expect a better & healthier season in 2010
17 Matthew Stafford DET 22 If he can stay healthy, he can do big things in ‘10
18 Carson Palmer CIN 30 He has to be better than last year…right?
19 Matt Hasselbeck SEA 34 If only he could stay healthy…dream a little dream
20 Matt Lienhert ARI 26 He has the tools, he has the skills, can they collide?
21 Matt Moore CAR 25 High upside, Steve Smith, nice sleeper QB
22 Jason Campbell WAS 28 Better things to come under Shanahan, if he stays
23 Kyle Orton DEN 27 If he loses Brandon Marshall… Ouch
24 David Garrard JAX 32 If he isn’t pushed out he’s a decent No. 2 QB option
25 Mark Sanchez NYJ 23 Very raw, INT prone, on a run first team
26 Chad Henne MIA 24 More poise than Sanchez, but fewer tools
27 Josh Freeman TBB 22 If he keeps the job he could surprise on a bad team
28 Vince Young TEN 26 He’ll need more than 156 passing yards per game
29 Brady Quinn CLE 25 Somewhere over the Cuyahoga promise lives…
30 Trent Edwards BUF 26 Let’s see what Chan Gailey does with him
31 Marc Bulger STL 32 Will likely be gone by training camp
32 JaMarcus Russell OAK 5 There is no team in I, says Russell, and the fans cry

2010 Fantasy Football ReDraft QB Rankings

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