NCAA Football: Where is Darius Jennings Headed?

Warren LentContributor IFebruary 16, 2010

There is no doubt Darius Jennings is the premier speedster of the 2011 class. Along with wide receiver, he played quarterback and defensive back in high school, but plans on being a wide out in college. The offense literally revolved around him.

Gilman School (Baltimore, Maryland) used motion almost all year and ran Jennings out of the wildcat offense. From what I’ve seen of his tape, his cutbacks are extremely fluid. His breakaway speed and cutback ability gave him great success throughout the year.

Not much can be said about his catching ability because the film he sent out to various outlets didn’t have any material of him making any receptions.

While he may still be Gilman’s QB heading into next year, I anticipate him being recruited more as an athlete than a wide receiver. Granted, he may be working on his receiving over the offseason to prepare for college, but as of right now I would put him into the athlete category.


Verdict: With proper training, I believe Jennings could be one of the best playmakers in 2011. I see him as a kick/punt returner with the ability to run short to intermediate routes for his team. He has, and will continue to have, a knack for finding an open lane to run through.

College Choices as of Jan. 30, 2010: Boston College, Rutgers, Maryland

Grade: A-