Tall Feat: 2011 College Football Prospect Matt Zanellato

Warren LentContributor IFebruary 16, 2010

What Matt Zanellato lacks in speed, he makes up for with jaw dropping receiving ability.

Because of both his height and catching skill, he is a player that thrives in the red zone. His quarterback is very capable, but at times all he has to do is give Zanellato a chance at the jump ball.

More often than not, Zanellato delivers.

Catching seems to come to Zanellato effortlessly and is capable of making those types of catches when he reaches the next level.

As mentioned before, Zanellato has somewhat mediocre speed. When he was able to get in the open field, it seemed that it was too easy for defenders to catch up.



Going into his senior year, much of his game is still an unknown. His lateral quickness has rarely been tested as well as his ability to cutback towards the middle of the field.

His junior film is very impressive, but I don’t believe it is enough to have a coach give him a promised scholarship for 2011. I think he has to prove himself in the slightest to secure a spot on some of the biggest programs in the country. He has the skill to do it, but we will see if he follows through.

College Choices as of 1/30/10: Boston College, Penn State, Virginia

Grade: B-/B

contact: greenhornprospects@yahoo.com