2008 NBA Draft Review: Russell Westbrook to Seattle?

Smush HigginsAnalyst IJuly 3, 2008

Russell Westbrook, a gifted guard out of UCLA, projected to go 10-15 in last Thursday's NBA Draft, went to the Seattle Sonics at a shocking fourth overall.

Mighty PG out of Memphis, Derrick Rose, went first overall to the spectacular Chi-Town Bulls, no surprise. Considering they already have three talented other guards in Kirk Hinrich, Larry Hughes, and Ben Gordon, it made me think: why Derrick Rose over equally-talented Michael Beasley?

Are they going to trade Gordon and keep just the three? Trading Hughes could definitely be another possibility as well. Just a wonderous selection by the Bulls.

Lefty power forward Michael Beasley went behind Rose at number two overall to the Miami Heat. I really think that this selection can improve the Heat's record for 2009. Just think; Jason Williams PG, Dwayne Wade SG, Shawn Marion SF, and Michael Beasley PF? This rotation is absolutley lethal.

O.J. Mayo and Kevin Love were selected third and fifth overall by the T'Wolves and Grizzlies. Later on, they were traded for each other and both teams were granted their wish.

Kevin Love is the new forward for the T'Wolves, and now PG O.J. Mayo can go along in a dangerous combination of guards with third year player SF Rudy Gay.

Forward Danilo Gallinari from Italy was "booed" several times from his new home with New York. New York really doesn't really need another forward but there are two possible reasons why the Knicks made this choice.

1. Gallinari put up decent numbers in Italy

2. Coach Mike D'Antoni played pro basketball with his father in The Big Apple and that he may have inherited some skills from him.