Are New York Met Fans Just Asking for It?

Brian SandjayCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2008

Early this spring, I spent $400 on a new DVD player from Sony.  I was told that the reason it was so expensive was because it was very good and far superior to the other DVD players on the market. 

As a loyal consumer of Sony products, I decided that I would support Sony, pay the extra money, and look forward to enjoying a superior product. 

However, the DVD player stinks.  It is unpredictable in its functionality; at times, it appears to mock me with its failure to operate properly, and many of the features that I paid extra for quite simply do not work. 

While my new DVD player is not a person, it also seems to have a tangible "I-don't-give-a-shit" attitude.

Accordingly, I brought the machine back to the Sony store and voiced my displeasure.  To my surprise, I was told to shut up and support the brand name.  Then the store manager called me a piece of shit. 


If this story seems unbelievable, it's probably because it isn't true.  After all, no respectable organization would ever treat its customers with such disdain, except, of course, the New York Mets baseball club.  Because that is precisely what the Mets did this week.  They called their fans a piece of sh*t - literally! ...