Booking The WWE Elimination Chamber

Anand NAIRContributor IFebruary 16, 2010

One of my favourite PPVs Elimination Chamber is just around the corner. There are numerous possibilities for Wrestle mania that could result out of this PPV which adds to its intrigue. The Elimination Chamber is currently the No 1 Gimmick match in the WWE and the fact that it leads up to Wrestle Mania is absolutely fantastic.

Below is the breakdown of the two matches-

Raw Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship: Sheamus (c.) vs. John Cena, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Triple H, and Ted DiBiase, Jr.:

In all honestly it wouldn’t make any sense to have either Ted DiBiase or Kofi win the chamber so close to Mania and hence I imagine they are completely out of the picture. Even though I would love to see home town boy Randy Orton win the chamber he seems pretty much booked to face Legacy at Mania.  John Cena is involved in the whole Brett/Vince saga and signs suggest he will lock horns with Batista in some sort of match at the Grandest stage. Therefore the only possible winners I see are Sheamus and Triple H. All of us here know that Triple H is likely to be involved in one of the championship match at Mania.I personally think Hunter will head into Mania as the champion by winning the chamber to possibly face Sheamus for a rematch. Another possibility is to have Sheamus win and face Triple H and somebody else in a triple threat at Mania.I bet on HHH over Sheamus.!!


SmackDown! Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship: Undertaker (c.) vs. John Morrison, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, and R-Truth:

There are some exciting names in the line up hence this is my pick as the top match for the night. I am not sure if all the mentioned guys will get into the chamber for starters. I see HBK taking out somebody to get directly involved in the match. Or the whole John Morrison injury (I suppose it is not real) might give Michaels a straight route into the Chamber.

But let’s assume it stays the same as it currently is.

R Truth,Rey mysterio and John Morrison(assuming he makes it to the chamber) get eliminated by default.(I am not going to explain, everyone knows why).I see HBK somehow costing Taker the match by either getting involved in the ring(as an opponent) or by some kind of outside interference/distraction. In my opinion, an HBK vs. Taker match at Mania is inevitable. Right, so therefore my pick to win the elimination chamber is either Chris Jericho or CM Punk. I tend the favour Jericho as everyone wants to see Edge vs. Jericho at Mania. But I also feel that a Punk is ready to headline Mania and a victory at the chamber will seal his place as one of the top men in the company. I bet on Jericho over punk!!!


Elimination Chamber is going to be an exciting an PPV with both titles expected to change hands. Watch the crowd erupt for its home town Boy Randy Orton who is incidentally is in the process of a face change.Hope you guys liked the article.Leave comments if you agree with my picks or disagree by any chance.