Breaking News! Gergard Mousasi's Twin Brother Found In Poland.

jason hughesCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2010

SECAUCUS, NJ - APRIL 3:  Biggest Loser contestants Bill Germanakos (L) poses with twin brother Jim Germanakos (R) as IFL coach Bas Rutten holds a championship belt during the weigh-in for the IFL New Blood New Battles event April 3, 2008 at LA Boxing in Secaucus, New Jersey. (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images for IFL)
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  Mamed Khalidov is starting to raise some eyebrows in the fighting promotion KSW, the very small yet mildly competative MMA promotion.

   Nicknamed the cannibal, Khalidov's style resembles that of a raw Mousasi, with limited grappling, but a knack for turning fights on a dime in his favor with heavy hands in both the standing position or on the ground, Khalidov can end a fight in a flurry.

  Born in the USSR, Mamed claims to be of Polish nationality and with a respectable record of 20 wins with three losses there seems to be a little bit of an upside to this little known fighter.

   A student of freestyle wrestling and Karate, Khalidov stands at 6 ft. and weighs 185 pounds. But he is also 28 years old, and I have yet to make a decision on wether that is a good age for a fighter to really begin a climb into the world pool of top fighters.

  Mamed's body of work is somewhat questionable with most his wins coming against suspect fighters or just plain ghosts. Mamed has stepped it up though in each of his last three fights, after a hard fought two rounds with Jason Guida, Khalidov was able to finish the fight with a great flurry and made myself forget about the first two rounds.

  Mamed then fought Daniel Acacio of former chute box fame, where he managed to ko the Brazilian one minute into the first round with a similar flurry of punches that won him the previous fight.

   Mamed's last fight was a carbon copy win over Jorge Santiago, in which a rematch is now in the works but as soundly as Khalidov defeated Santiago I would hold off on that fight just yet.

   As of now he is a free agent who at one time was slated to make an appearence on the ill fated Affiction fighting name. He has recently expressed interest in testing the Strikeforce waters but when the talks mildly stalled Khalidov's need for the fight  sent him back to KSW,  citing the need to focus on fighting, though that has not kept Mamed from entertaining calls from fighting in the United States, something he has always wanted to return to after he got the taste in his moth from the fight on the elite xc card.

   I see Khalidov as a fighter with a tremendous up side with a short window ,age wise, but to look at his frame and stamina he seems to move more like a 24 year old than a pushing 30 fighter. His hand speed is terrific and he has a very nice striking game to compliment that , would I like to see him fight better competition   of course, but someone is going to have to go out on a limb for this guy and the branches are getting weaker by the moment.