Can Minotauro Noguera Crack Cain's "Hornet Pinata"?

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Can Minotauro Noguera Crack Cain's
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   Mexican Americans celebrate life in many ways, they have created traditions that have been used in  celebrations and times of joy for centuries.

   Pinatas are good clean fun, a nest of angry hornets are not, and a pinata of angry hornets does not sound like a party to me.

   Soon Minotauro Noguera will be looking to crack Cain Velasquez's pinata without getting stung, easier said than done amigo.

    As weird as this sounds, Big Nog's usually solid gameplan of faking knockdowns to achieve the facade that he is so hurt fighters literally cannot control themselves from going down to the ground with him usually to fall prey to his superior Brazilian grappling.

   The problem is Velasquez will not be looking to box with Minotauro therefore that aspect will probably not play into the "old warriors" hands. Wisdom says that Cain immediately wrestles Noguera down and pushes the pace with a fierce burning desire to make Nog look as old as he is, in comparison to the young stud Mexican-American all  everything.

   Antonio looked flawless in his last fight but that was against an uninspired  Randy Couture who in my opinion just was not thrilled at all to have been fighting the second best fighter to come from the PRIDE FC. No that was not the man that Randy has openly asked for over the years and Noguera made him look bad.

    Now it is time for Noguera to look bad, look for Cain to stay on top, and work Minotauro to a blistering pace that will frustrate the Brazilian who will find no holes in Cain's wrestling, he will not find those little spots that he has always found before , no slips will just appear this time for Noguera, time has taken it's turn.

   Cain Velasquez has never gotten any credit for his boxing skills while Noguera has seemed to garner better credit than he deserves. And if these two shock the world and just decide to let the hands fly I see Cain as the one who will land the power shots. Nog usually looks great technically for about thirty seconds or until the action begins and thats when his lack of any power rears it's ugly head. But that is just the fantasy side of my brain not functioning properly, isn't it?

  I see Cain beating Noguera to a pulp, but what the hell, what good is Brazilian orange juice without a little pulp in it anyway ?   

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