England's Premiership Is Not Blatter's

Benjamin RogersAnalyst IJuly 3, 2008

Over the last year, ever since England didn't qualify for the Euro 2008 tournament, there have been more and more statements given out by Sepp Blatter claiming that the Premiership has too many foreign players.

Ideas have arisen about reducing the amount of foreign players because of the amount English players compared to foreign players is decreasing. English players are not rising up the ranks and getting into the English national team.

In my opinion it's all stupid.

If the England players were good they would be getting in the teams even with the increasing amount of foreign players, and it would make them better because of the better competition.

Sepp Blatter is not part of the Premier League and should not concern himself with this business. It seems to me that this old man, who was once a big part of the game, is unwilling to except he has not required at the top anymore. So he came up with a new idea to be remembered by.

What are the opinions of all us England and Premiership supporters out there? The fans need to speak or our beautiful game could be ruined for ever!!!