NCAA Football: A Logical Dream of Eight SUPER Conferences

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NCAA Football: A Logical Dream of Eight SUPER Conferences

The ultimate goal will eventually be realized—a playoff system crowning a true National Champion in College Football.

Can we agree to leave the NCAA in the dust? Thank you...they don't crown a real National Champion anyway.

My dream world consists of many things, but this isn't the forum to talk about the red light frequency at intersections or tazering loud-mouth dads at fourth-grade hoop games.

No, college football needs a makeover in the worst way. Let's keep the 120 teams. Let's give everyone the same opportunity.

What better way to pave the way for an eight-team playoff than to have (gasp) eight super conferences? And what's even better? Eight super conferences that are set up to near, geographical perfection.

What you will see in this proposal is something all appealing sports leagues have: symmetry.

NCAA's March Madness: 64 teams with the winner crowned on the field.

MLB Playoffs, NBA Playoffs, NFL Playoffs, and the NHL Playoffs all crown their champion on the field.

Each team in those leagues has at least a chance to win the championship at the end of the year. This is even true in golf—the champion is crowned on the field after each competitor has had his or her shot.

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