Does Gail Kim Make The TNA Knockout Division?

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Does Gail Kim Make The TNA Knockout Division?

What has Gail Kim come to?Yes,correct.Gail Kim is the current jobberette of the WWE,with the small exception of her mini-push in the Divas Title tournament.

But what was Gail Kim in a time long since passed?Correct.Gail Kim was TNA's golden girl,the 'it' factor of the Knockout Division.Gail Kim became the first Knockout's Champion,and she put them on the map.

Gail became a world-renowned athlete in a matter of mere months.She was on top of the world!But now?Now Gail Kim has been relegated to the realm of the WWE Universe.She's been put on the back-burner for women like Maryse,Eve Torres,Alicia Fox (I still love her),The Bella Twins,and Kelly Kelly!Pathetic.

Let's look back on some of the current happenings in TNA,shall we?

*One of TNA's 'top dogs',so to speak,was in a backstage confrontation with management.

*One of the best wrestlers in North America,Alissa Flash (Better known as Cheerleader Melissa) quit the company.

*The Knockout's segments have gotten shorter and shorter as the weeks have gone by.

*The variety of Knockouts on the show has been reduced to five,all eye-candy in their own rights.

*For the first time since the Knockouts were introduced there was no Knockout match on a TNA ppv.

Now if all of that doesn't speak volumes on its own,I don't know what will.

With all of this going down,the question arises,would this still happen if Gail Kim was still in TNA?I'm not so sure it would.

After Gail put the Knockouts on the map,TNA put their confidence in her.The Knockouts became a mainstay on the show,and not only that,but the number of Knockouts and amount of time invested in them was unprecedented.It even reached twenty-two minutes on one ppv (Kong vs Kim at Final Resolution).

Gail also seemed to make everyone else around her improve.She had this sort of glow about her,this sort of tenacity that just made you love her,and want to be like her.All technicality aside,she made you want to be great at what you did.

This,coupled with the fact that she could squeeze a good match out of anyone made her the top Knockout,and one of TNA's best acquisitions.

So if this was the case,do you think TNA's Knockouts would be plummeting as they are now had Gail not left?

After two years,there was no Knockout match on a TNA ppv,and a few weeks back a Knockout match went the length of a Diva's match,or less!It used to be that the Knockouts received 5 minutes and up each show,maybe more!

Also,where has the variety gone,huh?ODB,Traci Brooks,Hamada,Awesome Kong,Sarita,Taylor Wilde,where have they been for the past month?A company that used to pride itself on being WWE's alternative is now conforming to their style.

You may think that they haven't,I mean Tara and Angelina have been showcased,no?Besides,Kong is on probation,correct?No wonder HamaKong isn't on our screens,right?Wrong,I say.

Although this has all been going down it doesn't necessarily mean that another Knockout tag team couldn't be built up.Take SariTaylor for example.They had a few good matches with HamaKong,so why couldn't it be turned into a feud?

Also look at the fact that ODB is gone from the title scene.Perhaps because her last encounter with our current champion was supposed to be the end,but shouldn't she at least be pissed off?Shouldn't she be attacking both Tara and Angelina?

Tara and Angelina.Yet another point in my arguement.The five women being showcased at the moment are Tara,Angelina,Velvet Sky,Madison Rayne,and Lacey Von Erich.All five are beautiful ladies,but none have a crazy character.

The closest any one of them comes to being 'different' is Tara's tarntula and occassional contortions of her face.

But character-wise,are any one of these ladies an 'alternative' to WWE's Divas?Not really.They're all easy to look at and can execute a half-decent dropkick,just like (some) of the Divas.

Don't get me wrong,Gail Kim is gorgeous,but she could also kick some ass in the ring.And for minutes on end I might add.Now we're being introduced to five minutes or less a night,and on a good night,eight or less.

This is still better than what we're force-fed by the WWE,but it's still not the great alternative we once received.And when we were receiving this great alternative Gail Kim was the front-and-runner of the division.

Coincidence?I think not.









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