Nascar, The Daytona 500 and Pot-Holes: What a Great Story!

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IFebruary 15, 2010


Was it a great race?

Of course it was!

Did the pot holes on the track show NASCAR may be lacking some leadership?


Some folks may be having their doubts if the NASCAR management is keeping an eye on the ball.

Daytona is the premier event of the sport, there should be no room for mistakes, every problem that arises should have a well thought out strategy for a quick fix.

They had none for this one, they did it the old fashion way, trial and error, and that's fine, we all do it around our house, you know like sticking your finger on a socket to see if it’s a live wire, DW from FOX "learned" me that trick. (just kidding about DW think)

Of course this is not us hanging out the garage playing repair man, this is a nationally televised prime time event. 

Having Mr. France on national television telling us fans, and I quote, “ ….moisture and cold temperature….. the normal solution you normally use to patch the track not working…… we are actually turning the corner we are in our third different solution……….” end quote.

Fair enough, but “THIRD DIFFERENT SOLUTION” is hard to believe that in the history of the Daytona International Speedway a pot hole fix on a cold wet track has never been done.

How about the northern tracks, where cold and rainy weather situations are common, I would think  over the years NASCAR might have been able to gather enough information on how to do a durable track surface fix on this type condition.

Again I'm not an expert, just a fan with a computer asking questions.

Someone in the main stream media needs to ask those question, it should not be left to bedroom writers like myself.

I don’t get it.

I understand NASCAR doesn’t own the tracks, but it is their responsibility to have their show run on a venue that is worthy of the event.

What can be more important to auto racing then the track?

Why wasn’t every angle covered , the cold and moisture excuse doesn’t hold water, excuse the pun, but that excuse was lame.

I’m not an engineer, but I have to believe the technology of this decade has a quick and durable fix for a pot hole, for gods sake there is even a fix if you have a hole in your heart, so fixing a hole in the ground can’t be such a major engineering project.


I am well aware situations like this do happen, but in most major sports they’re always prepared for eventual problems and thus have a quick fix or alternatives like ending or postponing the event.

As someone who watched the race coverage from sunrise to sunset, I can only come up with one humble opinion as a fan, not an expert, just as a fan:

NASCAR, as they did in INDY a few years ago, “again” was not prepared and dropped the ball.

One-hundred and forty-four minutes to fix a pot hole, that might be okay for city work (no offence for city road workers) but for one of the premier racing series in the world, it’s just bush league.

Below are some of the scenarios that I find comparable to what happened in Daytona:

BASEBALL WORLD SERIES: MLB ….brought tennis balls to the game rather than hard balls.

SUPERBOWL GAME : NFL … forgot to tell the refs when and where the game is being played.

STANLEY CUP : NHL… just forgot to freeze that water! Huuu!!…lol

NBA Championship : NBA…hey these are volleyballs , yells Lebron!

I know that is over the top, as always with asifyouknow, but you must agree there had to be a better way to handle that problem specially with all the resources available to the sport.

Take this story with grain of salt and a big big smile, is just part of the best soap opera in the world, NASCAR.

Here is a link to a company I found on youtube who may help with fast pot-hole fixing, NASCAR could buy one and take it to every track.

There you go Mr. France some advise from a fan, and here is the best part, it didn't cost one red cent on consulting fees, take a look at the clip and enjoy.

I love NASCAR, I love the bloggers and the fans of the sport because we always say what we have to say and don't sugar coat anything.

Enough said.

And as always is just my opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank god for that.