Face to Face With Kevin Monangai

Warren LentContributor IFebruary 15, 2010

  1. Kevin, you guys had a great season ending 8-2. what are your expectations for next season’s Seton Hall Prep team?
I'm definitely happy with the season we put together this past year but we are definitely setting the bar higher than that. The one thing I believe that makes a team good is approaching the season as though you're not great but, being willing to work to make yourselves that way and that's the way we're looking at it.

  1. After averaging over 100 yards per game last season, what are your personal hopes for the season?
My achievements this past season were good but due to an injury I missed three games and didn't necessarily reach what the level that I set out to at the beginning of the season. Regarding my personal goals the worst case scenario would be first team all-state offense and best case offensive player of the year so I'm setting my goals somewhere in that range of achievement.

  1. You have received a lot of interest from some great D-1 colleges. Do you have a short list for colleges yet or are you still keeping your options open?  
Right now I'm looking to play Division 1 football anywhere so I'm very open to every school at this point. 

  1. Adding on to that, do you have a specific time table to when you will announce your college decision?
I've thought about it and I'll most likely be looking to commit either before the season or sometime during it, depending on the offers that I receive before the season. 

  1. Are you planning on going to any college camps during the summer? If so, which schools?
I'm going to be attending the Boston College and Penn State Summer Camps along with either the Temple or Maryland one.

  1. How do you feel about the recruiting process? Do you think it puts too much stress on a recruit with constant contact coaches’ use?
I personally enjoy the recruiting process. I'm new to it so it's really exciting to be experiencing it. At times it can be a little bit stressful meeting and talking to a lot of these coaches that you've been watching on TV and stuff since you were little but it's nothing too bad.

  1. I know it’s early in the recruiting process but do you have top 3-5 programs yet? In order, what schools are you most interested in?
I don't necessarily have a top 5 in order of interest but if I was to name five that I'm interested in equally it'd be Rutgers, Boston College, Maryland, Penn State, and UConn.

Thanks again to Kevin. A great player, sure to make a huge splash once he gets to the next level