2010 Winter Olympics: Nate Holland Says Stick to Baggy Pants

Jon StarSenior Writer IFebruary 15, 2010

American snowboarder Nate Holland has yet to win an Olympic medal during his career, but he's already got one message for his competition: stop with the tight pants.

Holland is growing frustrated with the ever-increasing trend of his competitor's tight pants. According to the New York Times, Holland believes if you're snowboarding, your pants better be baggy.

Tighter pants isn't even about a competitive advantage for Holland. No, for Holland it is about the integrity and personality that made snowboard the sport it is today.

"It’s the integrity of the sport. I’m a snowboarder through and through, and boardercross is a freestyle snowboarder’s race. I think it should stay that way," Holland told the New York Times.

The Canadian snowboard cross team debuted sleeker black pants at the Olympics which apparently made Holland look at this competition like they were a bunch of emo kids heading out for a night of somber music. 

His disappointment about a more "establishment" look in the snowboard cross counters the U.S. snowboard team's uniforms.  The U.S. team, which has major corporate sponsors like Microsoft and Nike, will wear specially outfitted uniforms that look like worn flannel and jeans.

Holland, a five-time gold medalist in X Games Snowboard Cross, has yet to win anything at the Olympic level.  One cannot afford even the most minor deviations of concentration or thought. Holland is better served worrying about the slick tracks on Cypress Mountain than the clothing of his competition.