NBA 2010 Playoffs Prediction.

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NBA 2010 Playoffs Prediction.

East Round 1:
1.)Celtics vs 8.)Bucks-Celtics 4-1
2.)Cavaliers vs 7.)Bobcats-Cavaliers 4-3
3.)Magic vs 6.)Raptors-Magic 4-0
4.)Hawks vs 5.)Heat-Hawks 4-3
West Round 1:
1.)Lakers vs 8.)Blazers-Lakers 4-2
2.)Nuggets vs 7.)Thunder-Nuggets 4-3
3.)Mavericks vs 6.)Suns-Suns 4-3
4.)Spurs vs 5.)Jazz-Spurs 4-3
East Semifinals:
4.)Hawks vs 1.)Celtics-Celtics 4-3
2.)Cavaliers vs 3.)Magic-Cavaliers 4-3
West Semifinals:
1.)Lakers vs 4.)Spurs-Lakers 4-2
2.)Nuggets vs 6.)Suns-Suns 4-3
East Conference Finals:
1.)Celtics vs 2.)Cavaliers-Celtics 4-3
West Conference Finals

1.)Lakers vs 6.)Suns-Lakers 4-3
NBA Finals: 1.)Celtics vs 1.)Lakers-Celtics 4-3

MVP: Dywane Wade
ROY: Bredon Jennings
DPOY: Dwight Howard
All-NBA Team 1: Iverson,Kobe,LeBron,Garnett,Howard
All-NBA Team 2: Rondo,Wade,Pierce,Duncan,Gasol
All-NBA Team 3: Rose,Ray,Carmelo,Bosh,Shaq
COY: Doc Rivers, Marc Brown, Stan Van Gundy, or Phil Jackson

What do you think? whats your. this took me a long time if u can please answer and might come true

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