NCAA College Basketball: There Are No Great Teams This Year, At Least Mentally

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2010


There were more upsets over ranked teams this weekend (seven), than entertaining All Star Saturday night events (none).

Entering the weekend, college basketball fans thought they had their number one seeds all figured out. Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse, and West Virginia, right? Not so fast, two of those teams were defeated this weekend and to teams that actually felt they had something to prove.

What this means, is that these top-ranked teams are physically worthy of being number one seeds, yet they don't have the mental and psychological edge when they play against the lesser talented teams.

Syracuse lost at home to a Lousiville team who had just lost to St. John's. West Virginia lost in three overtimes to a far less talented Pittsburgh team. Did either Syracuse or West Virginia bring their "A" games this weekend? The answer to this question is simply no.

We have continued to see this phenomenon all season. Number one-ranked Kansas losing to a depleted and shorthanded Volunteers team, Kentucky losing to an unranked and offense lacking South Carolina team. It seems that every time the fans want to jump on the bandwagon, the wagon just collapses.

These teams are overlooking opponents and forgetting that any Div I team can beat them if they don't put in the right effort and mental toughness. We've seen this with eighth-ranked Georgetown who one weekend put a beat down on Duke and then they lose to unranked USF at home, to then follow up that loss with a win over number two Villanova.

The list goes on. I can sit here and name you countless amounts of times this season that potential number 1 seeds were beaten by simply overlooking teams.

The only solution for great teams in the tournament: Make the final one seed candidates all 16 seeds and then maybe they will feel like they have something to prove.