Beth Phoenix, Where, Oh Where, Are You?

Christi LottCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2010

For quite some time now, the WWE has developed a very personal storyline attacking Mickie James' size on Smackdown. Michelle McCool and Layla did everything possible to lower Mickie's spirits in the hopes that she'd quit from the degradation. Obviously, she didn't and ended up humiliating LayCool at the Royal Rumble, winning the Women's Title in 30 seconds.

Many were hoping this would be the end of the "Piggy James" storyline and propel Beth Phoenix back into the championship contendership. With what happened last Friday on Smackdown I've got to ask: What happened to Beth Phoenix?

On the previous Smackdown, Beth Phoenix laid out to everyone, including Mickie and Michelle, that she's a one woman army and a force to be dealt with. This past Friday, however, LayCool was back to making fun of Mickie's size, and the three of them ended up having a handicap match where Mickie finished on the losing end.

A storyline that was hot a few weeks ago now has a feeling of being completely dragged on and, quite frankly, it isn't funny anymore.

Although Beth Phoenix and Mickie have certainly had many battles in the past, there's a certain freshness from the two having a new battle on Smackdown—not to mention, it makes more sense as well. It seems that the WWE isn't sure what to do with Beth.

At times, they flirt with turning her into more of a "tweener" only to have her attack Mickie. Now we're reverting back to the "Mickie is fatter than we are" storyline, and Beth appears nowhere to be seen on TV.

For me, Beth as this "tweener" is not only a bit more appropriate, but also works as seen with the "Glamarella" run. Plus, who else is going to be second face behind Mickie James, Maria? Can she even be taken seriously as championship material?

More importantly, Beth needs to be on TV. Throwing her in and out of the spotlight isn't doing anything to help. She's a devastatingly powerful Diva, and every other Diva should be trying to get her on their side.