The Tag Team Division In The Wwe, How It Could Be Better

Phillip WestContributor IFebruary 15, 2010

I was sat watching ECW the Vinny Mac said he was disbanding the brand and it got me thinking about what would happen to the stars. Then the next week on raw the ECW Champion turned up to test the water and had a match with sheamus. This got me thinking about the tag team division.

All Ecw star will become free agents. this is where the tag division get involved. You have Christian drop the ECW Title to big Zeke on the last edition of ecw. then on friday night smackdown you have Christian turn up and says he signed a contract with raw.

After EC you have Christian qualify for MITB. at WM you have Christian lose the MITB while edge lose his world title match from interference from cm punk this also happen in the MITB match as luke gallows is in it.

During the 2010 draft you have Christian drafted to smackdown where he can team with edge to reform E&C and feud with the straight edge soiciety. in this time you give E&C the #1 contenders to the tag titles which they win. then continue the feud SES over the tag titles. 

then have jeff hardy (if jeff hardy returns to wwe after his court case this could happen) team with his brother Matt and get involved the feud by costing the SES matches. then have the feud conclude at summerslam with a tag team triple threat match for the titles.

i would just like to thank you for reading i would appreciate any feedback good or bad, once again thanks for reading