My Passes And Fails For The Midcarders Of The WWE 2010: ECW Edition

Blair T-BContributor IFebruary 15, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. Chairman Vince McMahon (L) and wrestler Triple H appear in the ring during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

First and Foremost, I apologise for the picture of Vince and Trips, they have no revelance to this topic. For some reason, i was unable to upload the ECW logo, and I was unable to find the logo and any of these wrestlers in the online photo album thingie? (which suprises me because Christian is popular) Anyway...

Hello Bleacher Report Universe, This is the third time I've had to rewrite this article, Damn technology and my laptops poor internet connection. Anyway, My article is based on the future of the WWE Midcarders. I will be giving out a Pass(This is given to a wrestler who i believe could carry the top championship this year) a Solid Midcarder(SM) (This is given out to a wrestler who i believe will be able to get consistent tv time on their brand and be able to compete at the IC and US title level) and a Fail(given to wrestlers in my opinion who will end up either becoming jobbers or eventually leaving the company to pursue other ventures, such as going to TNA). This is the ECW edition, I thought i should start with this brand before it is a brand no more. I also believe Christian is a midcarder, even if he holds the ECW Championship, which is not a World Championship.

Christian - Pass/Solid Midcarder - Christian is class, i believe he is able to hold the top title. Even as a face, he's charismatic. My gripe with him though is that he's a natural face, but i understand that if most of the company were more in their more comfortable role, there would be more heels than faces. Even so, Christian gained his huge following 5 years ago, with his constant Marky Mark Dissage of John Cena. But his prime may have been 5 years ago, which in that case since Vince didn't push him then, why would he push Christian now? If he doesn't get the opportunity to hold the championship, which I think he is able to, than he'd be able to hold an upper midcard role. No way WWE would get rid off him, so in my opinion he's a Pass/Solid Midcarder.

Shelton Benjamen - Solid Midcarder - He's such a good wrestler, impresses me with his technical wrestling and his athleticism. Me and a resident of Bleacher Report had a debate about Shelton, and i believe that the one trait he lacks may be the most important of all, Charisma. He's had a few gimmicks in his 8 year career with the WWE including the "I'm gonna wheel my momma down to the ring with me", "cheap imitation of the rock with the expensive shirt and shades", "The Gold Standard" and his brief mixture of "The Gold Standard" and the "I'm a slightly better singer than Zack Ryder so I'm going to sing some Nat King Cole". None of these have really engrossed me, or entertained me. I haven't heard anything amazing come out of his mouth so i guess the only thing stopping him now is his poor mic skills. This can be left to debate, but if anyone would like to leave a comment with a youtube link of his charisma and decent mic skills I'll stand corrected. Anyway, he will always put on a good match and put others over, so he'll be a good midcarder. Doesn't have the charisma to carry a brand, but he is a veteran now, and his wrestling skills are to good for WWE to let him go to go to TNA.

William Regal - Solid Midcarder - He's a staple in the company, though I enjoyed him as the GM of Raw, I'll imagine he'll be a Midcarder. He's too old to challange for the top titles, but he's to good to be dropped.

Ezekiel Jackson - Solid Midcarder/Fail - This guy is a beast, i enjoy him as a dominant force. But when big guys lose steam, they tend to be good jobbing material. But then again he may become a midcarder. I'm on the fence between SM and Fail for big Zeke.

Zack Ryder - Fail - The Woo Woo man from LI bro, he's funny. But unfortunately i laugh at him, which means if he finds himself on Raw he may become the new joke of Raw. I like Zack, the whole Woo Woo Tool thing he has going on is different, so i hope he sticks around. Good luck in your future endeavours, lets hope WWE doesn't start cutting more costs on the wrestlers. You Know It

Yoshi Tatsu - Fail - Sorry Yoshi, you may have a big following on ECW but so did Evan Bourne. And even then, Evan Bourne has slightly better mic skills than you. Oh well, enjoy Jobbing.

Thanks for reading, leave some comments on my passes and fails and stay tuned for the