Chad Ford: A Bust?

Divya DoshiContributor IJuly 2, 2008

It's officially been one week since the NBA Draft ended, and I can't get over ESPN's Draft Expert, Chad Ford. This guy made out seven mock drafts, one every week and one on draft night.

When I saw the first couple of mock drafts, I thought that there was no way the picks he has projected were going to happen. His last mock draft, Version 7.1, on draft day, correctly predicted NINE of THIRTY first round picks. He correctly predicted thirty-percent of the first round. If I had a thirty-percent efficiency rate at my job, I would be fired.

I don't see why ESPN still has this guy. He is an idiot. On Sports Center, he couldn't make up his mind on who got the better end of the Minnesota/Memphis trade. All the while criticizing the city of Memphis, the Memphis Grizzlies, and GM Chris Wallace. When he was asked who he thought was happier with the city he landed in, he said, "It's got to be Love because Mayo ended up in Memphis". And when asked what he thought the Grizzlies were trying to do, he said, "Who knows, after all, we are talking about the Memphis Grizzlies".

Who is he to question what a professional franchise is to do. Maybe he should be re-evaluating his 2009 Mock Draft, since he has already come up with one of those already.