TNHogan: AAO; Bischoff Screws Up World Title Match; New Mr. No. 1 Pope

Siva PrasadCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2010

Eric Bischoff totally screwed up the TNA World Title match between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe last night.

Joe had the Champ pinned, but Easy E was busy trying to prove that he has the strength needed to knock out an 18-time World Champion (Ric Flair ).

Bischoff got back into the ring eventually, but only because Joe physically dragged him back in. The events after that were predictable, with AJ Styles pummelling Joe out of nowhere before hitting his finisher, the Styles Clash.

Now HERE is where the BIG mistake occurred, on TNA and Bischoff’s part. Samoa Joe, hit with the Styles Clash is down.

AJ goes for the pin, and Bischoff makes the LONGEST three count in the history of pro wrestling, I would wager...and Joe does nothing. He does not show any sign of kicking out, or raising an arm. NOTHING. Nada. Zilch.

Stupid mistake, TNA.

Samoa Joe, one of the “baddest MFers” in wrestling, so to speak...and he cannot even flinch after a Styles Clash, followed by an extra, extra long count ?

I will not delve into the fact that Bischoff began the night by playing bad guy as he threatened to have Abyss unmask, only to later play the good, upset guy when AJ won the match.

Our Special Guest Referee was all about making sure Ric Flair did not interfere, but that led to him doing something else which was abominably stupid...

AJ Styles had Samoa Joe in the Figure Four Leglock. Styles used the ropes for leverage with Flair’s help, and Bischoff saw this.

At once, he broke up the submission.

Later in the match, we came to that moment that I just mentioned, when AJ set Joe up for the Clash.

Why the hell didn’t Eric stop him?

I understand TNA wants to keep us all on edge of our sets, wondering who is on which side.

However, can people in TNA at least toe some sort of line and stick to the same side for about 15 minutes?

Now that I got that over with, let’s move on to reviewing the rest of the PPV, most of which was very good, come to think of it...


THE POPE: Hey Vince McMahon, who’s pimping now?

Vince McMahon runs a company that dwarfs TNA in almost every aspect, but it can’t be too good for him to see the Pope, D’Angelo Dinero (Elijah Burke) prove he is more of a “superstar” than anyone in the WWE ever imagined.

TNA and Dixie Carter gave Pope the ball, and told him to run miles with it last night at Against All Odds. Pope ran his heart out, going on to win the Eight Card Stud Tournament, thus securing a TNA Title shot at the Lockdown PPV.

Pope defeated Desmond Wolfe , another future World Champ in the PPV opener. In a repeat of their encounter last month at Genesis, these two once again delivered a match well worth our time.

I should also point out that the DDE, Pope’s finisher, is probably one of the more unique finishers that we see nowadays. (It’s a running double high knee to the back of the opponent)

He went on to beat Matt Morgan in a compact, action-packed match. Morgan is another guy busy trying to prove Vinnie Mac wrong. He still has some work to do on that front, but he is definitely on the right track.

Pope’s opponent in the final was another man who’s been wronged up North, and he got his groove back tonight with some stellar showings.

Misterrrrrr.....ANDERSON !!! was like a house on fire, heelishly beating KURT F’N ANGLE in the quarterfinal after Angle crashed into an exposed turnbuckle.

Anderson proceeded to beat Abyss in a match significantly better than their meeting last month at Genesis, in Anderson’s debut.

Our main event of the night, was Mr. Anderson vs the Pope. Before the match, we got a brilliant promo from Anderson...about the level we have come to expect from this man.

Pope was on track to deliver the same quality of a pre-match promo before Scott Hall and Syxx Pac attacked him mid-interview.

The stage was set for an easy Anderson win, and an Impact Zone revolt. However, TNA did something amazing, and went with the crowd for once.

Pope made a John Cena-esque fight back from the death to win the match (It was a damned good match too), giving us two new main eventers in TNA, and a great ending to the PPV.

Rest of the PPV...

Abyss beat Mick Foley after slamming him on the thumbtacks. There was a stipulation that Barbie, the stupidly named barbed wired baseball bat had to be used in this match. If not, Abyss would be unmasked.

It was not used as far as I could see, and now we shall have to wait and see what Eric Bischoff does about it on Impact. For the record, unmasking Abyss would be a really foolhardy move.

The Nasty Boys beat Team 3D when Jimmy Hart ran in to give them a helping hand, by tossing them a bike helmet. Does anyone watching TNA actually care about the Nasty Boys? Anyone?

That is all for this PPV review. Thanks for reading, and please comment below on what you thought about the PPV, and the article!!

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