National Media Has Unfairly Used Bonds As a Scapegoat

Noe TorresContributor IFebruary 14, 2010

This is something that I wrote on 12/31/2009 in response to the SF Chronicle news report, “MEMORABLE MOMENTS: The Decade's Key Events in Bay Area Sports Bonds' 756th: Aaron is No. 2”:

You know what....we as mere fans have to at least appreciate what we witness and consider ourselves lucky for having the opportunity for witnessing one of the greatest baseball athletes of all time. I did not pay for his personality I paid for wins and home runs and Bonds delivered on both. He took us to the World Series and if Russ Ortiz was not pulled from the game we would have been the World Series Champs with no monkey on our back; literally and figuratively. I think baseball as a whole has to look itself in the mirror and then first judge their selves as a money marketing machine competing against the NFL and NBA that has been kicking their buts in the ticket booths in recent memory. So don't judge the players before you judge Bud Selig and the wealthy/stingy/cheap/don't-care about-the-players’-health-and-only want-to-fill-the-seats owners. The San Francisco fans and National media has unfairly used Bonds as a scapegoat. Happy Owner of Bonds 662 Home run Ball/Happy (Chinese) New Years