Jeff Hardy Future Hall Of Famer?

John C.Contributor IFebruary 14, 2010

Yesterday i read an article that sparked my interest. The article was about wether or not Chris Benoit should be allowed in the WWE Hall Of Fame. This got me thinking what about Jeff?

Personally I think jeff is a future HOF with out a doubt. I mean with all of his accomplishments and moments that made our jaws drop let me recap for you. Jeff is a 1 time WWE champion, 2 time World Heavyweight Champion, 4 time IC Champion, 3 time Hardcore champion, 7 time tag team champion and more. How can you deny him a spot in the Hall Of Fame with those accomplishments.

Now onto his jaw dropping moments and matches that have revolutionized ladder matches and created the TLC matches. Wrestlemania 2000 his swanton bomb off that 20ft high ladder on Bubba Ray Dudley, RAW his 30ft swanton onto Randy Orton. His whisper in the wind of the steel cage in the match between the Hardys and E & C. He participated in the first tag team tables match with his brother Matt against Team 3D. So if i may say i think Jeff has had a great career.

But on the negative view of things. His actions outside of the ring such as his suspensions, being released from the WWE, and his most recent charges for drugs, this may hurt his chances of getting in the HOF.

So should we immortalize Jeff Hardy in the WWE forever or should we let him fade in the minds of many but not in the minds of his true fans, what do you think?