Is Torry Holt a Good Fit For The Lions?

Ray StoneCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2017

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images


It is no secret that the Lions are in need of help at the wide receiver position. 

Neither Bryant Johnson nor Dennis Northcutt contributed much—both guys caught only 35 passes last season. Super receiver Calvin Johnson needs someone else to draw some attention.

What do you think about seven-time Pro Bowler Torry Holt?

At 33, we know Holt is in the twilight of his illustrious career.  He was just released after one season with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Last season he caught 51 balls for 722 yards for the Jags, who had signed him to a 3-year, $12 million deal before the season.

Holt’s old coach Mike Martz is in Chicago and they may have some interest in reuniting. On a radio show, Holt mentioned it being good because he knows offensive coordinator Mike Martz's system so well.  

But the Bears management is very happy with their young, deep receiving unit.  They have five young guys who caught over 45 passes under contract.  They do not seem interested in adding anything there.   

The Lions might be able to lure the veteran receiver for a season or two with a manageable contract. 

His experience in the league could prove very valuable to young Matt Stafford and the rest of the receiving core. 

In Holt, Stafford will have a sure-handed veteran target who knows how to read defenses, and where to sit down against zone coverage.  He will help show the young QB what to look for, and improve his poise in the pocket. 

Dropped passes killed too many Lion drives last season.

Holt would also be able to show CJ and other young receivers on the roster some nuances of the game. Having amassed 920 receptions for over 13,000 yards in his career, the 6’0", 200 pound receiver is as crafty as it gets. He has surely seen every type of defense imaginable in his 11-year career.

Veteran Larry Foote played mentor for the linebackers this year, helping to show the young guys how to play the NFL game. It is never a bad idea to have experienced winners inside your locker room. 

It can have a lasting effect.

But why would Holt sign a deal with the woeful Lion organization?

A big factor can be that the Lions can offer him a larger role than most teams. 

Veteran guys still want to contribute and put up numbers. Guys are not quick to accept greatly diminished roles, even on better teams. He can look at this Lion roster and realize that he can play a significant part in this offense—that is probably not going to be the case with most teams.

The 51 passes Holt caught last year was a career low. From his perspective, he may want a one-year deal just to prove to teams he has something left in the tank.    

Maybe the Lions should think about inking the vet to a short-term deal, with incentive-based dollars involved.