My Quest To Find The Ultimate Legend 4

nikhil mehanContributor IFebruary 14, 2010

Here I am again, for the next installment of my quest to find the ultimate legend.The winner of this will face the best hardcore legend.

Okay I will start off with Andre the Giant, what can't I say about this guy. He is massive and if you want a classic match from him just look at Wrestlemania 3 and make your verdict.

Next is Undertaker who is in my opinion the best wrestle mania legend, I mean he is 17-0 at Wrestlemania. Not to mention his feuds with Bret Hart and Kane and maybe Even Edge.

Next is the big red Monster,Kane! This man is really scare. Just look at his entrance. I get chills from the minute the fire explodes. He has also an amazing feud with Shane Mcmahon which was classic I think.

Now the next two are bonuses so don't hate me for them.

First is The Great Khali. I know he is stale but I really liked the feud with Undertaker and the Last Man Standing MATCH AGAINST Undertaker was really amazing.

Next is Giant Gonzalez but sorry this guy is massive but he looks stupid.Nuff said.

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