La Planete Sauvage, Dana White's Fantastic Planet!

jason hughesCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2010

LONDON - DECEMBER 8 :  An England fan shows her affections during the England rugby team victory parade in London on December 8, 2003. Up to half a million supporters are expected to flock to central London on Monday for the procession after England beat Australia 20-17 in the final on November 22. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
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   Dana White you have the world of MMA by the tail right now. Rumors of landing the big fish Gergard Mousasi, letting people like Joe Silva make all your matches for you while you take the credit, having the Fertitta brothers bankroll your dream while you eat cheetos from a crystal bowl, life is good.

   So good that you can just fire 4 to 6 people in one day and not lose sleep over it. As the above mentioned movie in the title suggests, you have it all.

   You single handedly take credit for saving MMA, GIVING CUT RATE PAYDAYS TO THE FIGHTERS WHO DESERVE IT WHILE SPOON FEEDING THE HAS BEENS. Or spooning the has beens?

  But I wonder, as if in any other company where your childhood buddies own you, don't deny it they do, would things be different if you had to work to make your product better?

  Could you be replaced, hell no, buddy your the big dog walking the little dogs and they know it.

   I do have a question, could someone do your job better, could someone else play nice and get someone like oh say.....FEDOR? Can a person not named Dana White have a grown up conversation with the outside mainstream media and help MMA look as sophisticated as it deserves to be.

   Buddy, Scott Coker could do your job, a coked out homeless guy named Scott could do your job. , You are not in the MMA buisness, you are in the UFC buisness   and you get too much credit.

  Right now as I see it, the UFC is on cruise control , stagnant, if there wasn't MMA already in Asia , well I don't have to go down that road, our other industries are doing a fine mess of it already.

   Throw us a bone, yes I will give you credit there is a small number of times that free shows have graced the airwaves, but doesn't it bother you that you can't land a slot on CBS, ABC, OR NBC? IS THERE A PROBLEM, ARE YOU HARD TO DEAL WITH? HELLO MC FLY!

    I know that you will have your title as long as you want, I just would like to know, Dana, could someone else do your job better than you. As they say in the old  Tootsie pop commercial , " The world will never know".