What are the Canadiens doing this off-season?

austin murphyCorrespondent IJuly 2, 2008

This past season the Montreal Canadiens had a dynamite year I think, taking the number one spot in the East with 104 points and 47 wins in 82 games. I would say that is pretty good season.

But they did lose to the Philadelphia Flyers in the Semi-finals 4-1. They had a rookie goaltender in Carey Price, and he is going to have a amazing year next year; put him in your fantasy roster. 

But this off season they haven't done much of the same just grabbing Alex Tanguay and a fifth round (2008) from the Calgary Flames for first round pick (2008) and second round (2009), and all he brings to the Canadians is some more speed and depth and dynamite power on the ice. But he had a downhill season this year with Flames: he had 18 goals and 48 assists and 58 points in 78 games. 

But there is still Naslund, Sundin and Bertuzzi to snag from the others and I would like Nasland to go to them so they have another center that contribues to the speedy offence. But I'm just saying that Bob Gainey should start wheeling 'n' dealing soon or there isn't going to be anything left grab. If he gets anyone with any talent this team would be a great team again!

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