Super Heavyweight - MMA's Most Pointless Division

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Super Heavyweight - MMA's Most Pointless Division

So what is a Super Heavyweight anyways?

As most of us know, Brock Lesnar, Ben Rothwell and Tim Sylvia all have to cut weight to reach the 265-pound limit in order to fight at Heavyweight.

Then for anyone who simply can’t make the 265-pound cap or simply don’t want to, there is the enigmatic Super Heavyweight division of MMA.

The theory behind the creation of the Super Heavyweight division as a part of the unified rules of MMA seemed to make sense at the time: “There are these giant men who will crush the life out of ordinary sized fighters with ease. We have to protect everyone from these Goliaths! They could seriously hurt anyone who is not also freakishly huge!”

But do they?

Well, the truth is that things have definitely not played out that way. The Super Heavyweight division is so insignificant that the UFC, Pride FC, Strikeforce and almost every other promotion in the history of MMA has not bothered to create a Super Heavyweight division and title.

Japanese promoters in particular have gotten a lot of mileage out of throwing guys like Fedor and Big-Nog at these monsters and beating them.

These are more carnival-freak fights than anything else. The trouble is, there simply aren’t any Super Heavyweights that are actually a threat.

They certainly do look terrifying, but there has never been a true Super Heavyweight that could have beaten any Heavyweight Champion, past, present or future.

For starters, who are some of these giants that the Unified Rules of MMA and the Nevada State Athletic Commission are so keen to protect people from?

Let’s begin with this qualifier: To be considered a true Super-Heavyweight, you have to be so big that cutting weight down to 265 lbs is an impossible task. That rules out Semmy Schilt, Ron Waterman, Mark Hunt and a whole host of others.

So without further ado, here are the top six true Super-Heavyweights on the planet:

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