Top 5 Ways Of Judging A Great Quarterback

Ahmad RashadAnalyst IFebruary 13, 2010

The NFL has produced many talented quarterbacks. Some like Terry Bradshaw and Tom Brady have won multiple Superbowl titles while others like Dan Marino and Peyton Manning have amazed us with their awesome prowess at throwing the football.

People usually tend to judge great QB's by their stats or rings. But there are other ways that sometimes go unaccounted for. Here are my top 5 ways to judge a great QB.

5. ACCOMPLISHMENTS By accomplishments I mean things like breaking a record, or winning one of the end of the year awards, or becoming the first or one of many QB's to do such and such.

Enough of these accomplishments usually show that the QB has a lot of talent. They're also something that you can't say the QB didn't deserve. To earn those accomplishments, the QB had to be on his A game a certain day or for a whole season. So the usual argument of "he had or has a great defense" doesn't apply here.

4. LEADERSHIP I had difficulty placing this one because it is such a big factor. The QB is the leader of the team and usually if the he doesn't play well, it affects the whole team with few exceptions.

For a QB to be a good leader he has to be able to be the one who keeps the team together and can put his team on his back if need be if the team isn't doing well. He has to be a role model for the team and someone they can look to for guidance or help when they need it.

3. INTANGIBLES This is my favorite part of judging a great QB. If you have the intangibles on your side you immediately get recognition from me.

Intangibles include things like how the QB responds under pressure, his ability to extend plays after the original one breaks down(Big Ben), and how well the he fights from behind.

2. STATS For the record this is my least favorite way to judge a great QB. But they are essential to doing so.

Stats don't tell you everything about a great QB but they do tell you things like regular and postseason records, comeback wins, TD's, CP%, INT's, Fumbles, Passer Rating, and yards. In my opinion they lead to overratedness(Peyton Manning).

1. RINGS It's all about the championships. Being a champion is the defintion of being great. You can't be considered great and not have a ring. You can have all the stats you want but if they don't turn into rings, they're pointless.

Bradshaw and Montanna turned theirs into rings while others like Marino and manning didn't. I know Manning has won 1 but hey he's been in the league for 12 years. Numbers like his he should have at least 3.


So basically to be called a great QB you have to possess these 5 things. These are my top 5 ways to judge a great QB. If you feel that I left out something or you disagree somehow let me know.