Larry Bird Slammed By His Own, Or at Least By a Former Endorser

Mark BrunswigContributor IFebruary 13, 2010

1985:  Boston Celtis forward Larry Bird shoots during game. Mandatory Credit: Allsport  /Allsport
Getty Images/Getty Images

This article won't be long; I don't have any real respect for the modern NBA, I enjoy sports that take a real talent and not just athleticism.  

Anyway, moving along, so I saw the new game of horse between Howard and James for the Big Mac or whatever nasty food they are trying to sell now, whatever floats the corrupt Disney boat. 

Then one of the greatest players of all time, not one of the greatest athletes, but one of the last True Great ball players, Larry Bird walks in and well takes what is rightfully his.

Then on top of that the two D bags, and they seem like two of the coolest in the association, James and Howard question, "who was that?"   

Seriously, has the NBA lost all integrity?  I know it lags behind almost all other sports, except maybe European football (soccer), but this is one of the most racially biased and most disrespectful things I've ever seen. 

Feel free to comment; like I said not a fan of the NBA, I like real sports.