Do the Packers want Favre back?

austin murphyCorrespondent IJuly 2, 2008

If Brett Favre returns to the NFL then I will start paying more attention to the league.

This guy is a living legend that could play until his arm falls off!

Obviously, he's got an itch to return. But, do the Packers want him back?

They should want him back, he carried the team on his back and took them all the way to the NFC Championship Game. 

If he hadn't been playing, where would they be? They could have been last in the league. Who knows?

I have no faith in Aaron Rogers, the Packers made a mistake in drafting him.

In this years draft they made some good picks in the quarterback spot by selecting Brian Brohm in the second round with the 56th pick, and Matt Flynn in the 7th round with 209th pick.

I would let go of Aaron Rodgers and let someone else pick him up. Then, if Brett doesn't return, let Brohm and Flynn fight it out in training camp.

Now that would be a great battle!

Although they might end up at the bottom for a couple of years, eventually, they would be a top-notch team!

Well I'm out ..