Anderson Silva eye's the 205 belt, starting July 19th.

James DuryeaContributor IJuly 2, 2008

Remember the scenario: UFC Fight night, and the Pride veteran steps into fight fan fav, Chris" The Crippler" Leben TUF 1 alum. In less than a minute, the iron headed Leben was on the mat, after the Brazilian threw and landed all nine punches.

The Fight after was the title shot against Franklin, and the same thing happend. This man made his competition look like a child fighting a man. His muay thai plumb of Franklin is the text book way to showcase the knee strike from the plumb. Once again, the fight was finished in quick order, and a new champion was crowned in the 185. division.

Travis Luder is the only fighter to even threaten the dominance which is Silva, to no avail, as he was forced to tap due to elbows to the head in the 2nd round.

This is man who submitted Dan Henderson in two rounds, and hasn't gone the distance in any of his UFC bouts. This is a man who is stepping UP a weight class to be challenged, and is taking on a real threat in the Sandman, a Nor Cal fighter who has impressive hands and  real knock out power.

The Bout looks to be a stand-up war, although if Silva feels that there is too much power in The Sandman's hands, its easy to see the fight going to the ground, where Silva's BJJ black belt might come in handy.

Win or loose, the world has seen the next evolution in fighting, and his name is Andserson Silva.