Is There Some Confusion Going On With The SmackDown WM 26 Main Event?

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IFebruary 13, 2010

When the the time was expiring for No. 29 to enter the Rumble we had no idea what we were going to get. As soon as the clock hit :00 a phrase was heard throughout the arena, “You think you know me?” Then the tune of metalingus played throughout the arena as a man with long blond hair walked out. The look on Chris Jericho’s face said it all, Edge was in the building! The Rated R Superstar returned to make his Rated R Return! Most wrestling fans were anticipating a Rated R Return at the Rumble and we got it!

He stormed down to the ring delivering spears to all the Rumblers and taking Chris Jericho out of the Rumble. As time went the numbers of superstars decreased until it was eventually down to John Cena and the Rated R Superstar, Edge. Cena had just taken out Batista from the Rumble and had no idea Edge was behind him, waiting to unload a monstrous spear on John Cena that would win him the Royal Rumble. At first Cena evaded the attack, but in the end it was the perfect day for the Canadian as he got a main event at this year’s Wrestlemania.

On Monday Night Raw Edge returned to address the WWE Universe. He addressed the possibilities of fighting The Undertaker and fighting Sheamus. Sheamus interrupted the segment only to eventually end up on the receiving end of a spear. Fear the spear!

Then on the Febuary 5th edition of SmackDown when Chris Jericho was on the search for Teddy Long, he ended up finding Edge. He managed to find Edge later that night again on the cutting edge where The Undertaker was suppose to be the guest host, instead he interrupted it to confront Edge. CM Punk would later join their promo(Edge, Jericho and Punk? Damn). They would continue talking until one final piece would get involved.

The lights go out and when they came back on a 7 foot man wearing black appeared in the ring. Edge took advantage of it by delivering a spear to Chris Jericho while The Undertaker took out CM Punk with a choke slam. Edge was ready to spear The Undertaker too, but Undertaker knew it was coming forcing Edge to rethink his plan.

The following week for Elimination Chamber build up all 6 in the chamber would be in action against another chamber participant. R-Truth would fight John Morrison, CM Punk would fight Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho would battle the Phenom, The Undertaker.

The thing about the Undertaker v. Chris Jericho match was that it was no DQ. I thought to myself, ok Chris Jericho is the favourite to go into the Elimination Chamber and walk out World Champion. He got some build last week getting into the chamber, this week if he was to knock off the World Champion, The Undertaker it would mean some serious momentum and it would be a great way to build him up.

Then I thought to myself again, hold on, it’s No DQ. That cannot be a good thing, what about Edge? I’m sure he’ll get involved here for sure, possibly costing Chris Jericho the match.

These two things stood out in my mind and I kept wondering which one of my possibilities would be the one to go with. Well it turned out to be the first, but it came in a strange way. Before the main event, Edge cut a promo talking about main eventing Wrestlemania. Chris Jericho interrupted(no shock there) and they both cut an excellent segment together. Jericho basically explained to Edge that he should not provoke him, antagonize him, or anything of the sort because bad things will happen.

Ok, so there was a promo where Edge and Chris Jericho basically provided some build for a possible Wrestlemania meeting and to me it seemed like it was almost a lock that Edge would get involved giving the Phenom the win. However that was not the story at all.

In the match The Undertaker actually threw Chris Jericho, Edge’s direction. Angering Edge, however he did not retaliate until The Undertaker delivered a big boot to his face. Later in the match, Edge got into the ring spearing Undertaker and helping Chris Jericho at the same time. Hold on there, Edge helping Chris Jericho? The same man that he’s suppose to fight at Wrestlemania 26? I don’t like the sound of that. Jericho would get the win after hitting a surprise Code Breaker on The Undertaker.

So Chris Jericho got his momentum, but in all the wrong ways if you ask me. He won by getting help from his possible Wrestlemania opponent. That just seems wrong to me, but it also struck a new possibility in my mind or a few actually.

What if they don’t want Chris Jericho v. Edge at Wrestlemania 26? What if they decide to repeat Wrestlemania 24 and have him battle the Undertaker? That can be done too easily so it really displeases me to be honest. All you do is have Undertaker retain at the Chamber and you have that set up. Then Chris Jericho would probably be forced to fight a match of lower quality and a lesser status. To me he certainly does not deserve anything less than the main event with Edge, especially considering how Chris Jericho has helped the company over 2008 and 2009.

Then this idea came to me. Let’s look at this way, at this point the Undertaker doesn’t have any Wrestlemania plans(no Shawn Michaels will not get his rematch). The possibilities that I have heard are quite foolish to be honest. Sheamus v. Undertaker at Wrestlemania? That doesn’t scream must buy PPV to me, especially considering this is Wrestlemania.

So here’s my train of thought…

Edge is the Royal Rumble winner, correct? Ok, so this is what you could go ahead and do. Keep the plans for Chris Jericho winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Elimination Chamber alive. After a champion loses his title he is given a rematch clause, correct? So Undertaker uses his rematch clause to challenge Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 26. So we currently sit at Undertaker v. Chris Jericho(c) for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Next you throw in the Royal Rumble winner and mix him up in the middle of things. Have Edge decide he will challenge for the World Title at Wrestlemania 26. So now you’re sitting with Chris Jericho(c) v. The Undertaker(The Streak) v. Edge(Rumble winner). To me that screams classic as much as Chris Jericho v. Edge would.

Now here’s the small problem in the mix, The Undertaker is in the match and this is Wrestlemania. What about the streak? Well here comes the beauty of the triple threat. As long as Undertaker does not get pinned he technically still didn’t lose and is still unbeaten at Wrestlemania. So have Edge pin Chris Jericho. This would start a feud between the two and would keep Undertaker unpinned and undefeated at Wrestlemania, extending the streak to 18-0.

Once that is done you then have two choices. You can keep the Undertaker in that mix or move him into something else. Which would be a good approach for the WWE and would give them loads of possibilities.

So it looks like SmackDown might bring us some surprises come Wrestlemania time. Hopefully we will still get to see a classic for the main event no matter if it’s Chris Jericho v. Edge or The Undertaker v. Edge or The Undertaker v. Chris Jericho v. Edge. Personally I wouldn’t want to see Undertaker v. Edge unless it’s in that triple threat that I suggested. I’d rather see Chris Jericho v. Edge, but the triple threat is not really settling either seeing how good it would probably be.

What do you think?

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