"Open Mic"

Mikey TolvoCorrespondent IJuly 2, 2008

So for this week’s Open Mic, we want to hear your thoughts on what makes a game..."a sport?

    • What defines what is or isn’t a sport?

I think that a sport is a team game where the team has to work together towards a goal.

Is poker a sport? What about video games played against an opponent? How about ‘bar’ events like pool, darts, ping-pong and shuffleboard? What about bowling, or golf?

I don't consider poker a sport.Out of the sports named, (video, bar, pool, darts, ping-pong etc.) I only consider bowling, golf and pool sports.

Is any competitive activity by definition a sport or is a certain amount of physical exertion/physical skill necessary to attain the status of sport?

I think a sport should combine competitiveness and physical skill.