Edge and Christian: Should Their Next Encounter Be as Friends, or Foes?

JVCXVCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2010

Since Christian's return to WWE in 2009, many people (myself included) have wondered when the WWE would reunite Edge and Christian in the ring.   

For a long time now, Edge and Christian have been two wrestlers that have had their paths intertwine on multiple occasions.  Their last in ring performance together was back in 2005 as tag team partners.

Since that time, Edge has gone on to achieve great success in the WWE by becoming a multi-time world champion.  In late 2005, Christian left WWE and went to TNA, where he, too, became a multi-time world champion by capturing two NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championships.

Then in 2009, after much speculation, Christian made his return to WWE, debuting on ECW.  A few months later at the Backlash PPV, Christian defeated Jack Swagger to become the ECW Champion.  

More interesting than the win was what happened after the match, an interaction (albeit brief) between Edge and Christian back stage.  Obviously for fans like myself, this just added fuel to the speculation about the next chapter in their ongoing relationship.

However, since that time, it has been somewhat of a moot topic.  Christian has gone on to become a multiple time ECW champion, and Edge was injured a few months after their encounter at Backlash and has been out of action for close to seven months.  

Edge's return at the Royal Rumble and Christian's impending kayfabe free agency has reignited the speculation about what the future holds for these two.

Some people would like to see their next interaction be as enemies.  Based on recent events with Edge, a Christian heel turn would probably be required for this scenario to take place.  This would definitely work, because Christian is just as good a heel as he is a face. In fact, some people might argue that he is even more entertaining as a heel.

The last time they were rivals was much earlier in their careers, and while it was entertaining, it wouldn't hold a candle to the potential feud they could have now.  

Since that time, both guys have upped their respective games, with Edge having one of the most successful heel turns in history and Christian going to TNA and proving why he deserves to be a main eventer, no matter the company.  

When I think of the promos these two could cut on each other, it has me thinking that, if done correctly, this could be one of the best rivalries in the history of pro wrestling.

Now, as good and exciting as that sounds, let's take a look at the other possibility, the reunification of one of the most successful tag teams in WWE history.  Edge & Christian have been tag team champions seven times and have contributed to some of the WWE's funniest moments.

Bringing back E&C would be a huge boost to a depleted tag team division that has seen its ups and downs in the last few months.  Also, I think that this move works well for both the PG fan base (which the WWE is catering to) and the long-time fans.

Here's why: Many in the IWC have been upset at the return of DX for the simple reason that because of the new WWE PG mandate, it reduced a team known for its outrageous cavalier attitudes into a kid-friendly comedy act.

However, if you look back on E&C's exploits, a lot of the skits they did back then I believe could pass the WWE current PG standards.  This would mean that they wouldn't have to water-down the gimmick to make it family-friendly, because it already is.  

E&C would provide family-friendly comedy for the kids (the WWE target market) while giving long-time fans a chance to see one of their favourite tag teams give us some more five second poses.

So readers now its up to you, would you like to see their next encounter as epic rivals? Or, would you like to see them give us a dose of vitamin E&C?