A-Rod's Son Cheating With Miley Cyrus?

Tosten HeathSenior Analyst IJuly 2, 2008

According to sources close to the Rodriguez family, the Yankees starting shortstop's son, Nim, has been photographed at a local movie theater with teenage singing and acting sensation Miley Cyrus.

Nim Rodriguez is currently dating Jenny Smith, who is in his math class. When he was contacted for a comment on the photographs, he denied all allegations, saying, "Jenny has pretty hair. She'll always be my four square partner."

In an interview with his baseball playing father, A-Rod couldn't believe anyone would make such accusations. Rodriguez explained, "Why would he do such a thing? I have no idea where he could have even learned about cheating in the first place."

A child expert weighed in on the situation, "For a child to have relationship issues at such a young age, usually it is caused by some sort of traumatic event occuring during the childhood. Knowing a parent is doing a 50-year-old pop star who's kissed Britney Spears has been known to cause such issues in adolescents."

The pictures of Nim and Miley are set to be released in the August issue of People Magazine.

The name of the movie that Rodriguez and Cyrus attended is unknown at the moment.