My Quest To Find The Ultimate Legend 3

nikhil mehanContributor IFebruary 13, 2010

Hello folks again! Today is the best face of a company but as you see this will go back a long time line.

Okay I will start with the guy that started Hulkamania! Yes it is the man in red and yellow Hulk Hogan, or more recently in his WCW days black and white. He has become the guy that everyone loved from the sound of his music to the leg drop.He was the true face of the company.

Aj Styles has made it! Yes the man that rules the locker room of TNA today, The Phenomenal One has in recent years one every TNA fans heart. He is defiantly TNA's face of the company

You Can't See Me! Yes it is John Cena. He is mostly thought of as the modern day Hulk Hogan as he sells merchandise and can bring in a crowd but has a limited move set and overtime can become really stale.