Blind Resume | Power Forward-2/12/11

Paul McGuillicuddyAnalyst IFebruary 13, 2010

Okay, connoisseurs of all that is basketball, let us take the time and pour over some numbers. Below you will find raw statistics. The identities of these players are removed to avoid any possible allegiances or biases.

Please avoid guessing or suggesting the players indicated by the statistics.

Let’s discuss the possible value these players can have to their individual teams and to any team.

Today, we look at a pair of power forwards. What do you want from that position?

Player A

PPG 17.1, FG percentage 43.7 (132-302/ team has taken 1,352 shots),  FT percentage 79.2 (84-106),  3P percentage 39 (46-118), RPG 6.0 (team rebound margin-7.9), SPG .8, BPG .3, APG 3.3, TOPG 1.8, Fouls 2.2, Minutes played 34.8. His team’s strength of schedule is currently ranked second.

Player B

PPG 14.8, FG percentage 53.7 (124-231/ team has taken 1,282 shots), FT percentage 69.1 (85-123), 3P percentage 26.9 (7-26), RPG 7.5 (team rebound margin 6.2),  SPG .7, BPG 1.3, APG 1.0, TOPG 2.5, Fouls 2.0, Minutes played 27.5. His team’s strength of schedule is currently ranked 31st.

Remember, the object is NOT to guess or suggest player identities. The identities will be disclosed later. Let’s talk some hoops. Give us your pick and tell us why.

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