My Mock Kansas City Off Season

michael urriolaContributor IFebruary 13, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 21:  Scott Pioli of the Kansas City Chiefs speaks to the media during the NFL Scouting Combine presented by Under Armour at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 21, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
Scott Boehm/Getty Images
his post is what I would do if I was Scott Pioli. So I will start off with the resigning period. 

Free Agency/Resigning period

With a most likely uncapped season, we only have 7 unrestricted free agents. 

Mike Vrabel OLB: Let him go, hes lost some steps in the last few years and I think a draft pick or a free agent should take his place. 

Mike Brown: SS Let him go, he let to many receivers and tight-ends get past him. 

Chris Chambers WR: Resign him to maybe 2 years 4 million. Hes still a serviceable receiver who would we great in the slot or starting opposite Dyane Bowe. 

Sean Ryan TE: Cut he was horrible at catching the ball and a horrible blocker. 

Terrance Copper WR/ST: Resign he played pretty good this season on special teams and made some good plays against Denver

Wade Smith OG/C/OT: Resign During the last three games Smith really showed up playing absolutely perfect and I expect Scott Pioli to resign him. 

Bobby Wade WR/PR: Cut Too many key drops and missed plays. 

Free Agency 

Joey Porter OLB: Joey was just released from the Dolphins and was born in Kansas City. So I personally think its a match made in heaven. 
Imagine a pass rush with Tamba and Porter on opposite sides. Chance 50%

Kevin Faulk RB: Kevin has ties to Scott Pioli and would be an excellent complement too are back field that has a injury prone back in Kolby Smith and a raw rookie in Javaris Williams. Chance 42% 
And more small pickups like maybe a center,linebacker,safety,backup QB, corner-back. 
NFL Draft
Round 1 Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State: Some People think that Eric Berry should be taken here but I think this class
is loaded with safety's and corners and a star receiver is not easy to fine and with a offense with weapons like Charles,Cassel,Bowe,Chambers, 
and now Bryant we would be really competitive against are rivals like the Raiders and the Broncos. 

Round 2 Morgan Burnett SS/FS Georgia Tech: Morgan is a big physical safety, who would we a solid starter from day one. He also adds a band-aid to a team that 
nearly gave up 300 yards through the air each game. 

Round 2 Terrance Cody NT Alabama: After Terrance's senior bowl, I think he may even drop into the 3rd round. He showed 
up weighing 375 pounds, that's about 45 pounds overweight. So I think with Todd Haley's conditioning plan.
we can get him weighing about 340. 

Round 3 Matt Tennant C/G Boston College: Matt is a little under weight for his position. But he makes up 
for it with his brute strength and foot work, I expect him to be the best center this year. 

Round 4 Syd'Quan Thompson CB Cal: Romeo Crennel is going to love him because Romeo loves to do zone blitz and play 
zone defense. So expect the Chiefs to him or another zone corner. 

Round 5 Micah Johnson MLB Kentucky: Johnson is a locks down the running game, but his pass defense needs work
he would be an excellent companion to a line backing corps with players like Demario Williams and Derrick Johnson. 

Round 5 Jacoby Ford WR/KR/PR Clemson: Jacoby is a speed demon, who could we a deep threat and a dangerous kick returner he 
would be an excellent pickup. 

Round 5 Vince Oghobaase NT Duke: With Cody most likely being a 2 down player I say we draft a 3rd down nose tackle 
and Vince would be excellent at that with his long arms and his ability to knife through blockers.