My Quest To Find The Ultimate Legend 2

nikhil mehanContributor IFebruary 13, 2010

Hello it is me Nikhil and my brother who wanted me to put him in my article. His name is Hrithik. Here is the second installment of my quest to find the best legend. Today will be the best Hardcore legend.

Just vote between Edge who I know isn't really hardcore but his Wrestlemania 22 match against Mick Foley was class

There is also Mick Foley who put his life in hell for hardcore, just look at King of the Ring 1998 or Royal Rumble 2000.

There is Terry Funk who is basically put his life in hell through, just look at classic Ecw

There is also Sabu who Is the best out there in my opinion, Just look at classic Ecw as well

Hardcore Holly is sorta like a bonus as his time as the hardcore champ was just amazing.

There is also Tommy Dreamer who has been with Ecw since day one and been through hell.

That is for today so please vote. The winner will be put against the best Latino. Next week is the best face of a company.