Warriors or Clippers? Take the Money, Elton!

Paul PeszkoSenior Writer IJuly 2, 2008

The Clippers offered Elton Brand a new contract at $13.5 million over five years. The Sacramento Kings saw the Clippers bid and raised it another $6.5 million over five years. Folks, that is a total of $32.5 million that Brand would be walking away from.

What would you do? I know what I would do…

Take the money, Elton!

There’s no reason to stay in Los Angeles and deal with all the congestion and smog. I know you’re a film producer as well as an NBA basketball player, but you can work on your films in the off-season.

With that extra $32.5 million you can always buy a Blackberry and stay in touch with your production office in Hollywood no matter where you are. In fact, you can afford to buy several dozen Blackberries and I-phones as well.

The fact that the Clippers have just signed Baron Davis does not insure the Clippers of winning an NBA Championship if you stay. They still have the same head coach, Mike Dunleavy. He’s not going anywhere. And as long as Mike is at the helm, neither are the Clippers.

Plus, the Clippers are losing their leading scorer, Corey Maggette. He is bound for Boston or San Antonio as of this report. The Clippers can’t afford to keep the both of you now that they have signed Davis.

Don't forget, that Warriors team is not exactly chopped liver.  Between you,  Al Harrington, and Monta Ellis, you have a real solid core.

One more thing. If Golden State is absolutely crazy to offer a player who is coming off a serious injury the maximum contract possible, you would be equally crazy to turn it down.

That five years and the addition $30.5 million is guarantee, is it not? What about your health? Is that guaranteed as well? Not playing 82 games in the NBA.

So, do the smart thing, Elton. Take the money! Your family will thank you for it.