Matt Williams Busted For Steroids

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Matt Williams Busted For Steroids

Matt Williams Busted for SteroidsWell so much for getting beyond the Jason Grimsley issues. Thank goodness that Matty is a former D-backs player, but the fact he is tied closely with the organization is not good:

The year that sticks out - 1999, when he hit 35 bombs and had 105 RBI. His average and slugging were also up significantly - clearly his best numbers in about four years. Williams told the San Francisco Chronicle the HGH was for an ‘ankle injury’ and is using the line everyone else is parroting: ‘the doctor told me to use it.’ Like the paper wouldn’t get to the bottom of it - turns out the prescriptions were written by a dentist (the same guy who supplied Paul Byrd with HGH) who was later busted for fraud. Nice try, Matt.


Great job Matty. The steroids were bought in Tucson and shipped to Scottsdale, while Williams played for the Diamondbacks:

During his penultimate season in Arizona, records show, Williams placed two orders with the Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center. On March 9, 2002, while the Diamondbacks were in spring training in Tucson, records show he ordered $5,693 worth of testosterone cypionate, growth hormone, clomiphene, Novarel and syringes. On May 8, Williams ordered $6,000 worth of testosterone cypionate, nandrolone, clomiphene, Novarel and syringes, according to the records. The drugs were sent to a Scottsdale business office Williams long has used as a mailing address. [San Francisco Chronicle]

The bottom line here is that Matt Williams is not going to be the last player or former player to get busted. If Matt used it, I wouldn’t be surprised if other former Diamondbacks used and abused as well. You know, other former D-backs greats…..

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