TNA: Impact React Volume Five

Steven RansiearCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2010

Welcome, welcome to the fifth edition of "Impact React," your weekly source for all the news and rumors going on within TNA Wrestling. This week we had some interesting stories pop up as we head into tomorrow's Against All Odds PPV. Unfortunately, it looks like we might have a weak PPV, but there is the possibility for some good wrestling at the very least.

Without anymore waiting, let's hop right into the hot topics this week!

X Marks the Spot

It was announced this week that the upcoming Destination X PPV will be an all X Division show. While it's good that TNA seems to be putting some more effort into the X Division, is it a good idea to do it at this moment? I'd rather see an all X Division episode of iMPACT with a tournament. By doing this now, you automatically lose any possible matches featuring some of your biggest names like Kurt Angle, Desmond Wolfe, and your tag team division.

While I'm sure we could see some good matches and hopefully a crazy Ultimate X match, you have to wonder what they're building towards. Are we going to see the X Division Championship elevated towards main event status again? If so, then where do you get the wrestlers from? So many former X Division champions like Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe have moved on to main event status.

This could be a good time for TNA to maybe clean house a little and send some guys packing to bring in some fresh blood. If you can create a solid division of Consequences Creed, Jay Lethal, Homicide, Eric Young, Kiyoshi, Amazing Red, Doug Williams, and some outsiders, you could have a competitive division. 

However, TNA is already bloated and overcrowded so we may just see a confusing set of matches that have zero meaning behind them. It won't be the most star-studded division ever but you could certainly build them up to be the future stars. One guy I'd like them to convert into an X Division wrestler is Jesse Neal. He's got a good look and with some new ring gear could at least look like a contender. Work with him and let him work a power style which would blend nicely with a flyer like Red.

Big Announcements Coming

Yesterday TNA let it be known that they will be making two big announcements this coming Monday. The rumors about what they will be have been pretty interesting. The general consensus is that one of the announcements will be the move to live Monday night editions of iMPACT .

While it might be too early to pull the trigger, if TNA can work it right who knows. Maybe there will finally be some serious competition between the WWE and TNA. I honestly have no idea what the second announcement could be.

While the WWE will surely win the ratings battle, competition only breeds better wrestling. TNA has the talent but they need a solid direction and game plan to shoot for. TNA will have to push their non WWE/WCW talent to have any chance of people tuning over from the WWE.

People are going to want different wrestlers that they haven't seen before, not older stars who are washed up. Not to mention if it is a move to Monday nights, they'll want to start at 8 pm instead of 9 pm like RAW does. This gives TNA an hour to build up and keep viewers once RAW starts.

UPDATE: The original report of it being two announcements was wrong. An error on my part, it is only one announcement and should be the move to Monday nights.

Lashley Status

Bobby Lashley could be done with TNA, but at this point no one can tell for certain if it's just a storyline or not. His spot on the TNA's roster web page is gone but it could also be for storyline reasons like how Syxx Pac and Scott Hall were removed from the opening iMPACT video package.

Eventually, if Lashley wants to focus on MMA full time, he will have to give up professional wrestling. Strikeforce will not want him to run the risk of being injured and putting their business is jeopardy. Lashley seems to be committed to MMA so expect him to pick that over wrestling.

UPDATE: According to Lashley, he has been released from TNA.

Kong Staying

It looks like Awesome Kong has been convinced to stay with TNA. As I said in a previous edition, she's had quite a few problems with TNA management. Her staying isn't really a surprise as TNA has been able to get quite a few wrestlers who have requested releases to stick around. Kong will probably make more money inside TNA than she would outside of it. Not to mention she's still allowed to wrestle in SHIMMER as well as TNA.

TNA Actually Says "No" to Former WWE Talent?

Former WWE talents Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Palumbo recently reached out to TNA to join the company as a tag team. Stamboli and Palumbo have tagged together as the FBI in the WWE as well as a team down in Mexico.

TNA doesn't have any interest in them right now, which is probably a smart idea. Stamboli does have a history with the company, as he portrayed the Rellik gimmick in TNA a little while back.

Palumbo, though, could be a solid addition on his own. I really enjoyed his work in the WWE towards the end of his run. When he switched to the biker gimmick it actually gave him some personality and he's a pretty good wrestler. If TNA ever has goes on an injury streak with wrestlers and needs some one to come in for a short while, I'd like to see Palumbo be that guy.

Tag Problems

Since we've run pretty much out of the major news and rumors this week I want to take some time and talk about TNA's tag team division. With tag team wrestling on quite the downturn over the past few years, I would really like to see TNA take the steps and establish a solid division.

The WWE has long been known as having a very weak tag division yet they do feature the belts on a regular basis. TNA has the opposite problem, they have a phenomenal group of teams yet don't seem to care about the belts much.

Right now the current tag team champions are just two singles wrestlers put together in Matt Morgan and Hernandez. They won't even be defending the belts at the next PPV, as they're involved in a singles tournament.

If I could make the decision on how to run the TNA tag division, I would absolutely rip off CHIKARA's point system. If you aren't familiar with the system, each tag team earns a point with every win. You need three points to earn a title shot, and you lose all of your points should you lose a match. Essentially, you need to win three straight matches to earn a title shot. 

This could give normally throw-away TV tag team matches some drama and back story. I'd rather see two teams have a match with the winner going on to a title shot and the loser have to start all over again. You need the fans to care about the teams and the titles and this could be a great place to start.


That's it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the article and please leave a comment below and join me again next weekend. Check out Against All Odds on PPV tomorrow night, and have a great week everyone!