--The State Of The Boston Celtics

Keelan WillisonContributor IFebruary 13, 2010

The Boston Celtics as of the last month have struggled. What has caused this team that has so much talent perform as poorly as they have? The Celtics have three players going to the allstar game this year the players are Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo. This team has one of the most dominant starting lineups on paper. They have 4 players averaging over 14 points a game they have a former defensive player of the year in Kevin Garnett, They are averaging scoring 98.7 points a game while giving up 93.7.


So what is causing them to struggle this much? Well its simple the chemistry just isn't there right now there not playing as a team, there playing individual basketball not team basketball. The celtics need to get back into playing team basketball like they did 2 years ago when they went to the nba finals and beat the Los Angeles Lakers. If the celtics continue the way there going there is no way they will make the finals or even beat the cavs or anbody else decently good in the league. When this team PLays team basketball they can dominate  any team in the nba with ease but when they don't they play just like they are right now.


So what needs to be done to get them back to playing team basketball? Well Doc Rivers needs to sit them all down and talk to them and get there heads screwed back on straight cause right now there loose. But not to worry the Celtics have a great coach and a great organization and they'd should be back on track in a week or 2.