The Closest the Oilers Get to Playing With Hossa

Mel ToliaoCorrespondent IJuly 2, 2008

So, it's been a 2 and a half month layoff, but I've finally posted something again. This is not to say that I haven't had any fodder to use since then, I've just been busy with life. I've been prepping to leave the only home I've known for the past 20 some years. And it honestly kinda feels like the Ryan Smyth trade. Parting ways is probably for the best, but you're still gonna miss each other. So there, I've said my peace on that and I bring you:


A little late, but the Oilers made some big noise giving up Matt Greene, Jarret Stoll, Raffi Torres and Joni Pitkanen for Lubomir Visnovski, Gilbert Brule and Erik Cole. And as it's been stated on Oiler forums, it's basically a small upgrade from what we had. The big fish was Hossa and late last night, it looked pretty good for the Oilers. According to TSN, they were throwing everything at him and were the 'front-runners.' Of course, as fate would have it Hossa decided to 'sleep on it' and this afternoon, I found out that he signed with Detroit for 1 year and 7.5 million dollars.


So, we've learned again that having money isn't enough to garner mega free agents. Now according to the reports, the Oilers had top players call Hossa to try and convince him and Katz probably had a speak with him as well. Hopefully, in the coming years, news will get around how great it is to play in Edmonton and how great the ownership treats it's players. Right now though, there was just nothing to build on.

Of course had the Oilers landed him, it would have been at the $10 million a year mark which means the Oilers would've had to move some contracts. The way I see it, they would have had to move 2 of Horcoff, Penner, Hemsky, Staios, Roli, Souray. You figure Erik Cole and Visnovski are exempt from this list seeing as how they're recent acquisitions. So in that light, it was a good financial move.

Still hurts though.