Jay Glazer Reporting Dolphins Cut Porter

Moises MartinezContributor IFebruary 12, 2010

It seems that for once this year Joey Porter's hard work has payed off. I guess it's easy to persuade people to do what you want when your ability to run your mouth exceed your ability to make a tackle. Jay Glazer reports through his Twitter account that the Miami Dolphins have cut ties with the nuisance that Porter has become this offseason. 

Dolphin fans were hoping that Porter's mouth was not enough for him to lose more value than he's lost since coming off an extremely mediocre season. A trade for 6th rounder in the upcoming draft would have most certainly been a consolation prize. Details on this move will become more clear as soon as the Dolphins can confirm it's validity. 


Update: It's official. The Miami Dolphins website and ESPN have confirmed the story.